Lowanna Apartments, Braddon

Lowanna Apartments

Lowanna Apartments

Living Developments Australia
Marcus Graham Architects
10 months
$5 million+
An outstanding example of well-considered urban infill development that makes a positive contribution to its inner city streetscape

The site was formed by the consolidation of three blocks and now consists of 24 one and two bedrooms apartments (12 of each) set in communcal gardens. The building is sited along the front setback to create a strong building line to the public realm. Its form replicates the scale and character of the original duplex dwellings by creating a series of similarly scaled buildings each separated by sunny open walkways.

Vistas are provided through the building between the front and rear gardens so that you are always aware of the landscape around you. The gardens act as a meeting abd relaxation space for social interaction.

The apartments have north facing indoor and outdoor living spaces with the majority opening to the large rear communcal garden.

One bedroom apartments include sliding screens to allow integration of bedroom and living areas. Two bedroom apartments include a central service joinery module which separates living areas and each bedroom.

The development uses a sympathetic palette of materials which are compatible with the existing streetscape. The predominant material is dark face brick which helps the structure recess within its location.

The selection of other robust materials, such as concrete and steel cladding, require little ongoing maintenance.

Lowanna has helped improve the aesthetic of its streetscape and has been well received by neighbours, while also providing a good commercial outcome for developers.

The development uses a sympathetic palette of materials which are compatible with the existing streetscape
Apartments & Units up to 3 Storeys